Pat on the Back

I heard today from a former student (SMG 2006) who just started law school. He relayed a funny story about having to sleep on the couch after attempting to engage his fiance in a discussion of Marbury vs. Madison and judicial review, and ended with a compliment about my Internet law course that I appreciate sincerely: “the workload and level of inquiry that your class offers provides a great transition into law school. Everyone aspiring to go to law school should take the course, even if not so interested in Internet law.” Other students have expressed this sentiment and I’m pleased that they believe this course helped prepare them in some way. I, in turn, need to thank the student who suggested adding the written case analyses to the syllabus–after he completed the course. Of course.

One thought on “Pat on the Back”

  1. I agree! Everyone should take the class even if they aren’t applying for law school. The class covers various hot topics in today’s society and they will remain to be for some time. I’ve actually impressed some people from work with what I had learned from the class!

    Note to all future students of this class: Look into footnotes!

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