Part of the ritual for opening the lake house is checking the answering machine.  Most of the messages are hang-ups or automated calls, and there aren’t many.  So it was a surprise today to hit the listen button and hear the recorded announcement “you have 23 new messages.”  A quick scan showed that over 20 of the them were for David Randall from GMAC.  In other word, debt-collection calls.  While I am David Randall, I am not the David Randall GMAC had been patiently hounding for the past seven weeks.  The callers were indeed patient, leaving their names and numbers with at most a hint of exasperation.  I have no responsibility to tell GMAC it is pursuing the wrong pup but I have no desire to continue to receive deadbeat David Randall’s dunning calls.  GMAC is open until 8 pm and one quick call convinced it to remove my number from its database–until it trees another phantom namesake in my Maine phone number.

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