Piracy Postscript

Yesterday France rejected the piracy-surveillance system mentioned in the previous post.  The bill, refined after weeks of discussion in the National Assembly, was expected to pass.  Its supporters were apparently so confident of its enactment that they didn’t go out of their way to appear for the vote.  Their complacency resulted in the bill’s defeat 21-15, thanks to Socialists who opposed the bill from the outset.

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  1. ishar

    In one respect, it is sad that this surveillance system did not pass. Piracy is an even greater problem in countries such as India, China, and Malaysia, where one can purchase full length feature DVD’s for a nickel of movies that have just come out in theaters. The movie and music industries have lost enough profits, and there should be Internet security to filter out copyright infringements and block them. Already, sports and TV shows are available for free on the web from studios, and that should be enough. If all media were free, what would be the motivation to create anything? Already, the movie business is actually an unprofitable business for studios. Eight out of nine motion pictures flop; it is a high risk, high reward atmosphere. This is why sequels are so important; they guarantee a studio cash flow. People seem to think that online theft is not the same as stealing a book of a flatscreen TV, but in an information world, stealing media is just as real.

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