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Walking through Boston Common on Saturday evening we saw evidence of that afternoon’s anti-war rally. My friend Peter Vanderwarker had a camera (he always has a camera–that’s what he does) and took a close-up of one portion of a protest statement spread along the walk.

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  1. student330

    I agree with apatidar; this is free speech at its best. I am proud to live in a country where common citizens could criticize leadership to such an extent without worrying about the consequences. The Bush administration has some good policies and some bad, but the fact that the administration can be symbolically called manure in a street demonstration in the city of Boston demonstrates the grandeur of the First Amendment.

    This sort of offensive public protest started with political cartoons during the colonization process and is present today in numerous forms–through protest, late night talk shows, SNL skits, blogs, magazine articles and the radio. Politicians are increasingly under public scrutiny because of these protests and other forms of free expression. In a way, these very expressions of protest are essential to the democratic process because they force politicians to rethink their policies. Sometimes it takes something harsh like an insult to wake up an administration at sleep.

  2. levym

    This Bush flags look all too familiar: http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Mao-1972-Posters_i414473_.htm

    I hope it’s just a coincidence that these Bush flags kinda resemble the Mao print by Warhol. More specifically, I hope whoever made these isn’t trying to say that Bush is a dictator. If they are, I hope they realize that, even though it may not seem like it sometimes, Bush is actively trying to protect us from things like dictators and terrorism. We live in a funny country.

  3. jtannhau

    Although I may not necessarily be Bush’s biggest fan I find it difficult to look at this picture. I know I was not present at this rally and I do not know what kind of other messages were sent along with this one, but instead of just referring to Bush as being poo, why not try to come up with solutions? Obviously Bush is not the most popular president with the American people, but complaining is not getting much done. Instead of just stating, “oh bush is poo” why not look at what he is doing wrong, and come up with alternative solutions that may be more popular amont the american people. Being president is a hard job, it is impossible to please everybody, but nothing is going to change if all we do is complain about it. We have to be active thinkers, try to make up for what our president lacks.

  4. akshaytandon

    I often wondered what sort of mind-set Bush junior has to be in to make the sort of policie and decisions that he does.

    I found this article about a week ago and its interesting to see the type of stuff that he reads and passes on to others in similar positions as he.

    An interesting quote from the article,

    “Here is a man comfortable in his own skin; whose religious faith guides him in his search for the good … who worries less about his ‘legacy’ than about his standing with the Almighty, [and] who is quite well read.”

  5. apatidar

    Haha, First Amendment rights at its best. Don’t you just love this country and the freedoms we have? This kind of political speech wouldn’t even be tolerated in other countries; it really gives you a sense of appreciation for the rights we have here in America.

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