Putting the Mental in Fundamental

A survey “of more than 27,000 adults across 26 countries” found that half the respondents “strongly agreed” that Internet access is a fundamental right, and another almost-30% “somewhat agreed.”  The conclusion does not surprise me, but it comes with breathtaking rapidity.  For most of humankind twenty years ago the Internet was at most a dim blip on the horizon.  Now most adults consider Internet access on the same plane as clean water, sewage disposal, free speech, and proximity to Starbucks.  Remarkable.  I doubt anything else has acquired fundamental-right status in so short a time.

Maybe not Starbucks.  How about premium ice cream?  No classes on Friday?  Clips from The Daily Show?

2 thoughts on “Putting the Mental in Fundamental”

  1. A lot of countries who could care less about IP law would agree that if they have access to the shared resources of the internet, then they should have the right to download whatever's being shared for free. Ugh.

    Empowering for them, but certainly disempowering for the creative content providers.

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