Quiet Concerns

An article today addresses a fear that I’ve had, and that is shared by many who lived through the assassinations of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy–is Barack Obama more vulnerable to threats of harm than other politicians? The hope and optimism that are central to Obama’s appeal echo the tone and spirit of the two Kennedys and King. Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were assassinated 40 years ago this spring, a year in which this country was bitterly divided over an unpopular war and was threatening to spin out of control. No one wants to mention it but the unease is there.

7 thoughts on “Quiet Concerns”

  1. Honestly I have had similar thoughts creep into my head. To me, he has a striking resemblance to the people mentioned above. He has a message of hope, change, and inspiration similar to that of JFK and Martin Luther King. I’m not saying that his message is identical or even on the same importance level, but it is similar. Now I know as President there is the Secret Service and tons of security in place to help deter something tragic from happening, but I’m curious as to what goes on behind the scenes (if anything) to make sure there are no assassination attempts during the race to the White House.

  2. I understand the concerns, but every high profile politician faces such inherent dangers. I find it naive and disconcerting that people only re-realize and address these dangers because of Obama’s prominent characteristics. Obama is not any more deserving of this outpour of concern than Hillary or even Bush. Maybe it’s just the media.

  3. I wouldn’t call it naive. Obama, being an African American in such a prestigious role with a message of hope and change in Washington–similar to those who have previously been assassinated, is obviously going to face higher risks of assassination from hate groups. There are still people in America, just as in the times of Kennedy and MLK, that are not ready for drastic change and it is only realistic to think that they might take the same measures as before.

  4. I think its fair to bring up this issue and as much as I think this country has become more diverse and unified since the 1960’s there is still risk in every aspect of celebrity life. I hope that all parts of our country can be receptive to a female president or a president of color, but in reality he would be one of the most vulnerable president’s in my eyes.

  5. Currently Obama is definitely a vulnerable candidate as much as any of the other candidates running. An assassination attempt may be a huge worry on the minds of Americans because hate groups do pose a serious threat, but the technology and security we have in place today far surpasses anything from the 1960’s. Although, if Obama does win the election there will definitely be a heightened sense of security and awareness than any other President thus far…sadly not all Americans view change as a good thing, and the possible threats will be a huge concern for our country and our leader.

  6. I feel that this is indeed a reasonable claim. As disgusting as it may be, there is still an inherent evil that some people have towards African-Americans that continues to rear its ugly head time and again. Looking no further than the Jena 6 and the type of physical, cultural and societal oppression those students have had to face, even in present-day America that is on the brink of electing a black president shows that one radical thinker is all it takes to put Barack Obama at risk.

  7. In light of at least 3 people who have
    mentioned assassination–even jokingly–
    the threats on Obama’s life, not to
    mention the trashing of his election
    headquarters in at least 1 state (Indiana)are great cause for concern.

    That is why people like Ms. Trotta and
    Mr.Huckbee should be held accountable
    for the things they say–as should
    Senator Clinton. There are too many
    lunatics out here who hate the thought
    of a bi-racial, much less a black,
    individual possibly presiding over
    this country.

    In the event that he does become our
    president, our image around the world
    will be greatly enhanced, because it
    will go a long way toward signaling
    to the rest of the world that we are
    beginning to come to terms with our
    racial history as a nation

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