Real Estate Project

I planned to begin the summer by revising the real estate course.  I carted a briefcase of real estate books to Maine–it went unopened and remains where I set it down in the mudroom when I returned home last Friday. I was about to unpack it until I remembered I’m returning to Maine tomorrow and could just put the briefcase back in the truck.   Revising the real estate course remains my first academic project but others have elbowed ahead of it in line:  pressure wash the entire Maine deck, plant and transplant perennials and weed the perennial garden, replace deteriorated deck in Maine, and rebuild an entire portion of the deck at home. This project grew more complicated as I removed existing decking and discovered no flashing, water-damaged trim, sheathing, balusters, and rails, an uninsulated crawl space beneath the old sun porch I converted to an office (so that’s why my feet are always freezing in the winter, jerry-rigged stair stringers, and other horrors.  What I figured to be a couple of afternoons of cutting and nailing turned into a full day of demolition, improvised structural fixes, and multiple trips to National Lumber and Home Depot.

But it is real-estate related.

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