RIAA v Santangelo Default Judgment

Last month the trial court dismissed the RIAA’s copyright infringement file-sharing lawsuit against Patti Santangelo without prejudice, choosing instead to sue her daughter Michelle and son Robert. (See Lawsuits on the Family Plan) Santangelo became a file-sharing cause celebre after the RIAA sued her in 2005 when she claimed both innocence and ignorance, although her righteous indignation lost some of its power when Michelle allegedly admitted downloading over 1,000 songs on the family computer and Robert’s friend allegedly disclosed Robert’s file-sharing to the RIAA. Michelle chose not to respond to the RIAA’s suit. SiliconValley.com and others reported a few days ago that the trial court entered a default judgment against her and ordered Michelle to pay damages of $30,750, or $750 for each of the 41 songs the RIAA accused her of downloading. Various articles describe Jordan Glass as Michelle Santangelo’s counsel. If she is represented it is unclear why she offered no defense or whether she plans to move to set aside the default judgment and fight the RIAA’s suit on its merits.

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