Rudeness 2.0, Now 30% Larger!

From a NY Times article titled  Keep Your Thumbs Still While I’m Talking to You:

Add one more achievement to the digital revolution: It has made it fashionable to be rude.  [At South by Southwest Interactive] once the badge-decorated horde spilled into the halls or went to the hundreds of parties that mark the ritual, almost everyone walked or talked with one eye, or both, on a little screen. We were adjacent but essentially alone, texting and talking our way through what should have been a great chance to engage flesh-and-blood human beings. The wait in line for panels, badges or food became one more chance to check in digitally instead of an opportunity to meet someone you didn’t know.

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    Agree with this, except for the phenomenon of online dating. I would argue that this fosters MORE interactions, at least if you can find someone who (a) isn't a stalker and is (b) semi-normal.

  2. Sabrina Fong

    It is really true though. As smarter phones come out, with all their applications and shiny new features, more people are quickly becoming unable to tear themselves away from technology for a moment, including children. Even children find it hard to tear away from their xbox, nintendo dsi, computers, etc. due to the increase in technological expansion to all age groups. Here is an interesting video that I saw not too long ago that have something to do with this:

  3. Diana Lau

    This reminds me of a scene in the movie, WALL-E, where it is the year 2805 and everyone is so caught up in technology and minding their own business that actual human contact really doesn't exist. With every great advancement, there is always some sort of setback.

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