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As the owner of two Saabs–a 9-3 Sport Turbo and 9-2x–the headline GM Plan to Sell Its Saab Unit Collapses in today’s Wall Street Journal produced the sinking stomach you feel when you know you are about to lose money.  Reading the story didn’t make me feel better.  It’s not like the extinction of an animal species but Saabs, with their design oddities and stylistic tics, have been around for a long time.  Maybe Saab owners can spin the story, arguing that extinction will make their cars’ values increase.  Anyone interested in a collector’s edition 9-3?  Buy it now at today’s unique pre-scarcity price!

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  1. Brian Chin

    Unfortunately, nothing can last forever, even if it is a good thing. That is the way businesses profit. They need to get rid of the old and come up with the new. New technology and new ideas will benefit GM. By getting rid of the Saabs, it will open new doors for GM. If you are so attached to the car, keep it in your garage. Maybe in 30-40 years, it will be a “classic” like the old 1950’s cars, which actually turn heads when they drive on the highway. You never know, the car may be worth something in the future especially since it is a Sport Turbo. It may wind up in a famous movie!

  2. Jane Li

    It would actually be very sad to see Saab disappear. But I'm actually amazed that there are so many people blame GM for ruining this car. Although GM bears some responsibilities for the current problems with Sabb, if GM had not bought into Saab in 1990 for $600 million, the Saab probably has been stopped from selling long time ago. SAAB, with its rich heritage, has never in its entire history had a profitable year. I just don't see how likely it is going to be for it to survive without GM up to this point anyway.

  3. gregweitzner

    I would think whoever deems it is worth purchasing the Saab Unit will continue to provide service and replacement parts for old models, otherwise the brand will lose all or most of its value. If anything, a new owner of Saab may be able to revitalize the brand and bring it back to profitability. Anything would be better than being a part of GM.

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