SAD and Blue

I don’t know whether more students are sick this fall than in prior years or H1N1 makes students more cautious about incipient flu symptoms, but illness-related class absences are unusually high.  On top of that both of my Intro to Law sections were listless today.  I thought the lassitude might be limited to the first section but the later section was no better.  I thought they might be preoccupied by an exam in another class–I’ve seen the stats-induced blank stare before–but when I asked they said no,  an exam is not the cause.  “Then why are  . . . . your brain waves so flat today?”  (At the last moment I veered away from asking “why are you brain dead?”)  “It’s raining.”  “It’s gray.”  It’s rained before without this effect.  Finally someone said to blame the transition to shorter days and winter weather.  “Aha.  The transition to depression.  Got it.”  A mass outbreak of season affective disorder.  Alert the Surgeon General.

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