Saturday Night Study Fever

Exam week is in the air. I finished writing the Internet law final about an hour ago and am, at 9:30 on a Saturday night, still at the computer. (If you wonder why my wife is putting up with me being such a rocking bundle of fun, she is away for the weekend.) All day–well not really all day, the emails didn’t start until after noon or, as it is known to college students, the crack of dawn–I’ve been hearing from students with I’m-planning-to-study-soon questions (“when will you be in your office?”), I’m-studying-right-now questions (“can you confirm my understanding of generic marks is correct?” [yes, it is], I’m-just-now-encountering-the-material-for-the-first-time questions (“can you explain copyright law?”), and I’m-not-studying-right-now-but-I’m-also-at-my-computer-on-Saturday-night commentary (an interesting and entertaining discussion of ethnic identity and the best cannoli in Boston).  The full range of study-period expression.

Anyone got extra hyphens?  I’m running out.

2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Study Fever”

  1. Although no longer relevant, I fell in another category. (Hence why I didn't ask you this question)
    What cases does Professor Randall think are integral in understanding Internet Law? I've-got-a-good-gist-of-the-cases-but-need-to-gain-depth-on-specific-analysis questions to myself. It was easy to figure out with the notes we had in class, on what was key, and what wasn't.

    However, I felt that the ones we covered very well in class (copyright law) weren't as significantly present on the final exam. Then again, why test something you're pretty sure you've already drilled into your students?

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