Sign of Summer

Regular readers know that I measure the seasons by installation and removal of my Maine dock.  The dock cannot stay in the lake year-round because it’s the law (don’t ask for the citation) and because winter ice would crush and destroy it.  The dock consists of eight 4′ x 8′ sections of pressure-treated wood which are connected and sit on 2″ galvanized pipes of varying lengths.  Installation requires wrestling the heavy dock sections into the water, placing them on floats, moving them into position, lifting one end to rest on brackets attached to the previous installed section, gingerly attaching clamps to the opposite end and winching it out of the water, placing galvanized posts in the leg brackets and driving them into the lake bottom, leveling the section, tightening leg-bracket set-screws to secure the section, and then repeating all of the above with the next section.  Removal requires undoing all of these steps.  This is my twelfth installation since building the first, smaller iteration of the dock in 1998.   Do the same thing every year for almost 1/5th of your life and it becomes a ritual.  Most of those installations have been solo which, if everything goes well, I can complete in a day or day and a half.  I installed the dock this weekend because Nathan, just back from Italy, volunteered his young, strong self to the task.

Here is the result.


Summer has begun.  If only we could install summer weather.  June has been unusually cool and wet.  It is 59 degrees and raining, with rain forecast for most of the week.  The lake is so cold I’ve not begun my other summer ritual, the early-morning swim.  Last week some Scottish folks, from Glasgow, who Nathan met traveling this spring came to our house for dinner.  They were to spend this pask weekend in Kittery, Maine;  I’m sure the weather made them feel at home.

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