The Unexamined Door is Worth Entering#

The 14-Nov class was our fifth, after eight weeks of SM233. A few of you, from what I can tell*, have not read through the Syllabus FAQs. Most of you—over 80%, from what I can tell*—have not explored the off-syllabus material explaining and providing context for SM233’s pedagogy and content. In other words, explaining what I am doing, and why.

You’ve not opened the unmarked door.

Varenna, Lake Como, Italy

Perhaps you assume the Syllabus is like Facebook’s Terms of Use, filled with stuff you don’t need to know. Perhaps you assume the footnotes and linked pages merely reflect professorial idiosyncrasies. Perhaps you assume that as long as you read the Course Calendar assignments, you’ve completed your requirements. Perhaps you’ve looked at the linked material, don’t know how to deal with it, and ignored it, hoping it will go away. Perhaps all semester you’ve read a digital version of the Syllabus on a platform that doesn’t show the footnotes. Perhaps you believe that if some aspect of course content is not functionally related to your course grade, it’s irrelevant.

Perhaps you are correct. But if you’ve not opened the unmarked door, you are not getting the full experience.

Whatever the reason, I am here,

you are here,

and we must

align ourselves

on the

same page,

if just for a moment.

First, email me at with the subject line The Right Brain Opened the Door.

Next, read Syllabus footnote 6, go to the linked content, and read it.

To the end.

#A classical allusion—to what? Tell me.

*How can I tell? Figuring it out is part of the challenge.