Summer’s Over

The conditions could not have been better for dock removal. Bright sun, temperature in the mid-70s, no breeze, lake water quite comfortable for October.

The Dock Entire

Dock removal, like dock installation, is a solo activity. Remove surface hardware, support outside edges with dock winches mounted on 2″ galvanized pipe, loosen set screws, lower sections into the water, push them to the ramp, attach the ramp winch cable, crank them out of the water, and stack them.

Two sections gone

3 sections gone

2 Left

No dock

Dock sections stacked, hardware stored, lake closed. If only every year were this easy.

Docks stored

3 thoughts on “Summer’s Over”

  1. A solo activity? Ha. -Only when it has to be. But nice work making the backbreaking labor of dock-removal sound almost zen-like… you’re in the right profession.

    *The lake looks gorgeous in the last picture.

  2. You’ve made this sound so manageable. May I ask you to put the pictures back up, which go together with your description?

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