Surgery + 17

I am–

  • walking inside with one crutch most of the time
  • pain-free unless I do something I’m not supposed to do, which I’ve not done for many days.  The muscles around the incision are weak and stiff, but don’t truly hurt.  I remain amazed by the lack of pain despite the invasive nature of the surgery.
  • doing rudimentary physical therapy, designed to fire glutes, hamstrings, abductors, adductors, and groin muscles.  I’m weeks away from picking up my old biking/elliptical/swimming regimen
  • a bit stir-crazy.  Judy and I went to CostCo today and I realized it was my longest and farthest trip from home since I entered the hospital on 12/19.  CostCo is much bigger on crutches than it is on foot.
  • happily anticipating the start of classes on 1/15.  It would be rough if classes started tomorrow but in eleven days I should be ready to go.  On a crutch or cane, maybe, but ready to go.

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