Thanks. I appreciate that.

I like atta-boys as much–or more–than anyone, which makes me a sucker for the Class Gift Program’s Certificates of Appreciation from graduating seniors.   Participants donate cash to the Program in an amount determined by their year of graduation, e.g. $20.09, and designate someone–faculty, staff, administrator, another student–to receive a certificate acknowledging the giver’s appreciation for whatever it is the giver appreciates.  Such sentiment could include “I appeciate that I’ll never again be subjected to your horrible voice and warped sense of humor at 9:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”  I’ve been fortunate to receive acknowledgements from a number of students over the years.  I am grateful for every one.

Students accompany their gifts with a brief note, which are delivered separately from the Certificates.   Yesterday I visited my mailbox and picked up this year’s note cards.  I am thankful for all the sentiments expressed, in styles as diverse as the personalities of the students who expressed them.  To the student who said I was “an inspiration and a riot”–thank you for making me laugh aloud.  It is good to know someone enjoyed my sense of humor early on Tuesdays and Thursdays.