Back It Up

Speaking of file-transfers and cloud storage, over the past week I’ve received three tales of woe from students whose computers crashed and ate their papers/class notes/college career’s entire academic output. The common thread is that not one backed up their data.

Losing non-backed-up-data is like running out of gas. Everyone is allowed to have it happen to them–once.  If it happens again, shame on you.* There are many free or low-cost, easy to set up, set and forget, reliable cloud storage services. I’ve tried many over the years and now use Dropbox–not the free version because I’m backing up about 40 GB. I’ve heard Carbonite is good. There’s iCloud.  There are others. The point is–

  • select one
  • set it up
  • upload your data.

Easy. Back Up Your Damn Files. Tonight.

*Which brings to mind the timeless advice of President George Bush:  “fool me once . . . shame on . . . you . . . . fool . . . you can’t get fooled again.”

Music Deja Vu

From Jon Pareles’ NY Times article The Cloud That Ate Your Music, discussing the evolution of music playback devices:

Baby boomers who remember the transistor radio, that formerly miniature marvel that now looks and feels like a brick compared to current MP3 players, can experience again the sound of an inadequate speaker squeezing out a beloved song.

Growing up we had this transistor radio in my kitchen: