Is McCain Serious?

Sarah Palin is John McCain’s VP candidate?  Is it April Fool’s Day?  This cynical, craven capitulation to the far right underscores the  deep flaws in McCain’s judgment.  Do any of the pundits crediting McCain’s boldness honestly think Palin is ready to be one heartbeat away from the presidency?  This decision is bold only in the context of politics as a game.  In the context of statesmanship, leadership, judgment about the future of a nation, it is criminally negligent and insulting.

A friend asked me to state my problem’s with McCain’s candidacy in a sentence.  I said that he hasn’t shown any ability to comprehend the complexity of either national or international issues.  A few moments later I said it more succinctly:  John McCain is a binary thinker in a non-binary world.  I understand the emotional appeal of yes/no, black/white, good/bad answers, the desire to reduce bewildering complexity to simple bit-sized solutions, but that’s not economic, political, or social reality.  John McCain is like Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies–whose character is, ironically, named “John McClane”–except John McCain is not running for a celluloid presidency, the USA is not the Nokomura Tower, and the bad guys are not Eurotrash in $400 haircuts led by Alan Rickman.