New Copyright-Monitoring System

The Wall Street Journal reported that California-based Attributor Corp. has developed a content scanning system to locate copyrighted material on the web. Attributor analyzes the digital fingerprints of its clients’ content–audio, video, images, text–and scans its index of web pages for matches. It “claims to be able to spot a customer’s content based on the appearance of as little as a few sentences of text or a few seconds of audio or video.” By the end of 2006 Attributor claims its index will contain over 10 billion Web pages. The company has been testing the system quietly, and plans to release it officially early in 2007. Notably, at the outset Attributor will not tackle peer-to-peer file sharing systems.

Kevin J. Delaney, Copyright Tool Will Scan Web For Violations, The Wall Street Journal, 18-Dec-06, p. B1