By the time we returned to I-95 traffic was heavy, but moving at 40 mph, picking up speed after the I-95/I-93 interchange. We sailed along to South Lynnfield, where traffic slowed inexplicably. Traveling in the far left lane we saw why: a family of geese, two adults and three goslings, standing adjacent the jersey barrier in the highway median. We stopped, as did the car in the middle lane, as the geese paraded before us across the Interstate. In the rearview mirror I saw cars in the right lane moving along, their drivers’ views of the geese blocked by the cars stopped to their left. After the geese cleared our lane I said “I don’t want to see this” and started forward. I saw the lead goose step into the right lane. The first car swerved right to avoid them and the car behind it, far enough behind the first car for its driver to see the peril and without a tailgater to crash into its rear, stopped just short of where the geese finished strolling across six lanes if I-95 rush-hour traffic–without losing a feather. The Miracle on Blacktop.

I said “I hope they didn’t leave something important on the other side.” Judy said “yes–like another baby.”