IMDb Sued for Age Disclosure

An unidentified actress has sued Amazon because IMDb, the motion picture industry database owned by Amazon, revealed the actress’s birth date, showing that she is over 40 years old.  The actress–“a Texas resident of Asian descent”–created the profile without her birth date in IMDb Pro, a service created for industry professionals.  According to the lawsuit she filed in federal court in Seattle IMDb used other personal information she provided “to uncover her date of birth” and add it to her profile, “revealing to the public that Plaintiff is many years older than she looks.” Amazon says it obtained the actress’s age from her agent.  The actress denies this assertion.

The article doesn’t specify the specific claim the lawsuit asserts.  The facts don’t support a claim for public disclosure of private facts–her age would likely be considered newsworthy. It appears her claim is that IMDb violated its terms of service by using her personal information for purposes she did not authorize, but the article doesn’t point to any specific TOS provision that addresses the site’s use of personal information.