The NYT and WikiLeaks

The NY Times posted a brief video of Executive Editor Bill Keller and others describing the Times’ involvement last year with WikiLeaks’ release of U.S. government military and diplomatic documents.  At 6.5 minutes it is not an in-depth story, but it provides some interesting information.  For instance, the Times, not WikiLeaks, redacted the names of Afghan informants from the military field reports.  Julian Assange was prepared to release the entire document trove without redaction.

You Heard It Here First

By the way, I think I am on to something with my statement in the previous post that Julian Assange may have a Christ Complex (“a psychological term used loosely to describe any individual mentally fixed on superiority and/or the claim of being a savior. It is not exclusive to Christian thought.”)  The messianic belief in information transparency as an end in itself, itinerant spreading of the word, indifference to material acquisitions, persecution by sovereign powers, willingness to sacrifice himself for his cause, zealous followers–the pieces are there.  As soon as my wise-ass self wrote the words as a clever jest I hauled up and said what a minute . . . that’s who he is.  Before writing this current post a Google search of <“julian assange” “christ complex”> produced 39 hits, in many of which the searched terms are present only coincidentally. So if “assange christ complex” becomes a meme, remember this blog was way, way ahead of the curve.

Which raises another question:  will Mel Gibson play Assange in the WikiLeaks movie?  [<“mel gibson” “christ complex”> 606 hits]