Linked and Merged

For many years I’ve had two LinkedIn accounts, one opened with my BU email and the other opened with Gmail. The result has been duplicate connections, connections in one account that are not in the other, and annoying logouts and logins to access the correct account to accept invitations. No more. I had LinkedIn transfer all contacts from and terminate the former account and I added the BU email to the other account. Problem solved. Not that I will start using LinkedIn–but if I do, my contacts will be consolidated.

No More Endorsements

Last year a few students asked for my endorsement on LinkedIn.  I wrote a few, growing more uncomfortable with each about their lack of a specific audience and permanence online.  I decided last fall not to endorse anyone else on LinkedIn or comparable sites.  I didn’t have to apply my decision until yesterday, when I rejected a former student’s request for a LinkedIn endorsement.  I explained that I would be happy to recommend him to a specific employer or graduate school; he was a terrific student.  My rejection has nothing to do with his merits.  I am rejecting the concept of permanent, open-ended, recommendations.