CMLP on Doninger v Niehoff

Citizen Media Law Project is a wonderful resource.  I assign CMLP materials in the Internet law course and turn to it often for news and analysis of Internet speech, copyright, and privacy issues.  A post on January 29 addressed the Avery Doninger case, which I’ve followed for some time.  (I learned of the case through Andy Thibault, author of Law & Justice in Everyday Life, creator of the Cool Justice column and blog, and a friend from college.  I donated money to Doninger’s legal defense fund and received a heartfelt, appreciative thank you note from her.  Good manners go a long way.)  As a high-school junior in Connecticut Doninger expressed frustration in a blog post over a decision by her school’s principal, and called the principal a “douchbag.”  The school punished Doninger by preventing her candidacy for senior class secretary.  She sued in federal court to be permitted to run for class secretary, resulting in the first in a string of related decisions by the Connecticut U.S.D.C. and the Second Circuit.  Anyone interested in First Amendment speech issues generally, and speech issues in public schools in particular, should read the CMLP post and the linked decisions and documents.