Class Act

It was take-your-sister-to-work day.   Curious about what I do–or, as a friend said, because she has too much vacation time–my sister attended today’s Internet Law and Intro to Law.   When a friend or family member sits in on a class I have to block them out.  I tamp down my heightened self-consciousness and drain special meaning from their presence so they become another face. This was made easier by lively discussions in both classes–well done, students.  Many weren’t aware of her presence.  Others likely assumed she was a parent or administrator. From the back row she saw laptop users shopping, checking email, reading the news, and otherwise distracting themselves from the discussion.  (It helps the grading curve that, were I to reveal exam answers during class discussion, blissful ignorance of their surroundings would cause some students to get them wrong.)  She enjoyed the experience.  And she only nodded off once. In a stuffy room. After eating lunch. Briefly.