Coming to a Foreclosure Sale Near You

SOAP =  Snakes on a Plane.  SIAH = Snakes in a House.  Thousands of ’em, in the walls, ceilings, and floors, slithering through the grass, fouling the well, driving an Idaho family from the house they purchased last January.  Stories:  Idaho House Infested With Snakes; Foreclosing On a Bunch of Snakes.  Video:

Snakes would be bad.  Worse would be wolf spiders.  This beauty was on recently on my chimney in Maine.  I didn’t get close enough to it to provide a scale of reference (hence the fuzzy iPhone image), but its leg span was easily 3.5-4 inches.

Wild Wild Life

Almost stepped on this critter, sunning itself in the gravel driveway. It slithered through a rock wall into a garden, where I took these photos.  It’s about 2 feet long, a very healthy garden snake.