New Web Toys

Two diversions have landed on my desktop this week: Google+ (thanks to a friend at Google), which is attracting positive reviews (read David Pogue’s here) even though it’s not officially open, and on-demand music site Spotify, open today in the U.S. after years of buzz from Europe (yes, I paid for the premium service).  Google+ intrigues me because I don’t use my Facebook account–most of my contacts are current or former students and I can’t get past the awkwardness of being around things neither they nor I want to know about the other–, the Facebook interface gives me a headache, I like how Google+ allows one to organize people into distinct circles, and I use Google search, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and Picasa daily on my computers and phone.  Spotify plays everything stored on my computers and everything in its extensive online catalog on any networked device.  How extensive?  It has results for everything in this stream-of-consciousness search: Glenn Gould, Buddy Rich, Eddie Harris, Compared to What, Frank Zappa, Witchi Tai To, Seatrain, The Tubes, The Fugs, Blondie, Philip Glass, Leonard Cohen, Eric Burdon, The Roches, Ronnie Spector, The Ramones, Balkan Beat Box, Natalie MacMaster, Duke Robillard, Vassar Clements, and over 120 versions of Since I Fell For You.  (But not Seatrain’s Marblehead Messenger, alas)

In other words, I didn’t complete today’s To Do list.