Not the Most Likely Reason

Spring break begins officially on Saturday.  It begins for me when I leave school today at 4 pm.  Most students have at least one mid-term exam this week, many have more.   My real estate law exam was at 9:30 and my Internet exam is happening while I write.  (It’s a tough morning for the handful of students in both classes.)   These classes, combined, have 107 students.  I was available in my office for about 11 hours this week.  My exams are reputedly hard–“tricky” is the adjective preferred.  Nine students , roughly 9% of  the total (discounting those in both classes) visited or emailed with questions.

I must be good.  Damn good.

On the other hand I literally spent hours talking with a few students.  Sometimes we even talked about course material.

This is a funny business.


Some spend spring break–an event that makes my friends with non-academic jobs question their career choices–in fair-weather climes. I’m a New Englander in my bones. All of that sun, sand, warm water, easy living, and relaxation are frivolous when you can spend a character-building week in March with this: