Bunny is in the Eye of the Beholder

On the way home I stopped at the market for groceries.  While looking over packaged cookies a toddler and his mother stopped next to me.  The boy pointed at the lion on a box of animal crackers.  “Bunny” he said.  His mom looked at the box and said “no, that’s a lion.”  The boy picked the box from the shelf, looked up at me, and said “bunny.”  I bent over to look closely at the box.  “Bunny” I agreed.  His mom gently removed the box from his grip and returned it to the shelf. He grabbed a larger box of animal crackers decorated with the same lion, polar bear, gorilla, and elephant and looked me directly in the eyes.  “Bunny” he said.  I nodded my head and replied “bunny.” His om replaced this box while he grabbed another, looked at me, and said “bunny.” Mom–who was probably 30 but had a strikingly young face–explained “we see lots of bunnies on the walk over here.”  The boy, meanwhile, was pointing at all of the Animal Cracker graphics, calling each “bunny,” and taking boxes from the shelves as rapidly as his mom could replace them. We soon parted, the toddler accepting his mom’s decision not to buy a box of Animal Crackers.