Just Asking For It

Emmalee Bauer worked as a sales coordinator for Sheraton Hotels in Des Moines. During work hours she kept a journal. Her supervisor told her not to write on company time. Bauer responded by entering all 300 pages of her handwritten journal onto her work computer’s hard drive. Her journal described how she avoided work by shopping online, playing games, reading message boards–and by entering the journal into the work computer. A supervisor discovered the journal, Bauer was fired for misusing company time, and she filed for unemployment compensation. She didn’t get it. Why? The Administrative Law Judge admitted the journal into evidence in the hearing on Bauer’s claim, and relied on it to support her decision. The judge said the journal showed Bauer’s refusal to work and her “amusement at getting away with it.” AP, Job Lesson No. 1: Don’t Write at Work About How to Avoid Work 23-Jan-07 Law.com Employment Law Practice Center (subscription required)