Love Hurts

Dock removal last September was uneventful.  Dock removal yesterday was a bitch.  The lake bed’s clay refused to give up the dock posts. We couldn’t pull most of the posts through their brackets because when we drove them into the lake bed they mushroomed from hitting rocks, which required maneuvering the dock sections close enough to shore to cut off the damaged sections with a Sawz-All. Two of the sections pulled away from the Maine dock while still attached to their posts and we had to pull the posts out from the submerged sections.  I was wrestling with one post in chest-deep water when my ring finger was caught between the steel post and dock frame.  I couldn’t free it as the submerged dock section rose to the surface and I felt my wedding ring being crushed against my finger as the rising dock dragged the finger upward along the post, still stuck in the lake bed.  I was about to call for Nate’s help when the ring flattened enough to free my hand.  At first glance I thought the crushed ring cut off circulation to my finger, which was white and hurt like hell.  It hadn’t. With the help of dishwashing liquid I was able to squeeze the ring past my knuckle.  No permanent damage to finger or ring, which the jeweler said she can re-form. (The dock caused the ring to go from a circle to an oval, not changing the photo’s relative dimensions.)