Malevolent Design

Weston, Florida. An Arvida development.  Broad pedestrian-hostile boulevards, gated communities, steroidal houses, trees, hedges, and artificial lakes screening homes from passing eyes.  Weston Town Center, the aesthetic pure Disneyworld, almost deserted at 1:00 PM.  Our airport cabbie, being helpful, told us that the Sawgrass Mills mall, “the third-largest mall in North America, the second largest mall in the United States,” is about seven miles away.  “We’ll cross that off the list” said Judy.  Weston feels like it was poured entire in a plastic mold about 15 years ago.  Sez Wikipedia, “[d]ue to it being a fully planned community, local realtors often state that “everything is located exactly where it should be.”  As if a soulless all-powerful intelligence poured Weston entire from a plastic mold in 1996.