2 Replies to “Test Your Civic Literacy”

  1. Anonymous

    I was surprised when I took the test, I expected to do worse than I actually did. History was never one of my stronger subjects. I got ~78%, and I think that’s largely due to my law class and my macroeconomics course last semester.

    I was surprised by the additional findings where they show the knowledge gap percentages between citizens and elected politicians. I would like to know if there was a statistical breakdown of the citizens that were surveyed. Were they students like me and Jennifer? Were they younger adults? Or older adults? Also, what were their occupations? Those who were once elected government officials would most likely be older which would explain why they seem to lack knowledge related to the United States history but have a relevant knowledge of economics and public policy. Whereas, being a student entails that our knowledge of history and economics is fresher in our minds.

  2. Jennifer Gardner

    This test was very interesting because I knew I should have known some of the answers, but in this stage of life, so many college students (including myself) haven’t taken American History or Government since high school. I got a 72.7%, so at least I did better than average (thanks to my economics and law courses I’d guess).

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