The Joke’s On Us

Let’s pretend that John Kerry correctly delivered his joke on the first try. The result would have been a tired retelling of a stale, witless punch line. We get it. President Bush was never a valedictorian. A friend remarked “what’s the upside with that joke? What was he thinking?” It was wrong-headed in so many ways, not the least of which is that George Bush of the Gentleman’s C did not get us in Iraq on his own:

[I]f there’s one thing W.’s reign proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, it is this: Experience, like affectations, can be dangerous. They will fill up history books with all the myopic misjudgments made by a war council with a couple of centuries of experience, blunders that undermined America’s security and integrity, wrecked Iraq, loosed Osama, and made the world more dangerous.(1)

And then there is this: George Bush graduated from Yale two years after John Kerry with a cumulative grade of 77. John Kerry completed his undergraduate career at Yale with a cumulative grade of 76.(2) Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle. You have something in common.
In any event, their respective grades are not the point. There is serious disenchantment with the war, the president, the Congress. Democrats should be engaging in fresh thinking. Why is the most recent Democratic presidential candidate mis-delivering trite jokes like Jay Leno’s untalented third cousin?

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