The pirate mind

A student sent this post from TorrentFreak–love those web names–about BitTorrent tracker PirateBay. The post lauds PirateBay for passing 12 million users, noting that seeders now outnumber leechers, and broadcasts PirateBay’s goal to achieve 20 million users soon. The glimpse into pirate culture afforded by the comments is worth a look, if you care to understand its stubborn, undiminished appeal. It’s about free music/movies/TV shows, yes, but it is also about being part of a community. A community that will coalesce and reform around a new sharing site/protocol/service when PirateBay is hobbled.

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  1. Karim

    Im surprised many torrent based web sites have not faces lawsuit (atleast any major ones). Does anyone know the reason for this? Are they using a loophole?

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