This is dedicated* . . .

This site now has a dedicated IP address.  The transition caused some minor glitches; they lasted less than 12 hours but before I knew their duration I felt badly enough about their potential impact on students posting wiki projects on AFC Legal Resources that I extended the project deadline by two days.   One student thanked the DNS gods responsible for the extension with “now I can get back to perendinating,” warming my heart by (1) showing she reads the blog, (2) properly using a form of “to perendinate,” and (3) acknowledging that the projects would still be completed at the last minute, which is how I would spend the extra time.

The IP address is  If you are on the other side of the world, need your Randall blog fix, and cannot remember “” then just type the IP address into your browser’s address bar and you will be good to go.  It’s easy to remember:

  • 67 = my age
  • 222 = my IQ
  • 61 = the number of years until my investment portfolio recovers sufficiently for me to retire, and
  • 203 = the number of times this semester I’ve reminded students to check my BU Calendar if they want to find when and where I’ll be at the school.

Nothing could be simpler.

*if you don’t complete this sentence with “to the one I love” and hear the Shirelles singing, then you are just too young.

7 Replies to “This is dedicated* . . .”

  1. ChristinaCaprice

    I’ve been continuing to use the word like it’s my job (which I guess is appropriate because I don’t have a real career yet). People stare blankly.

  2. ElizabethHoffberg

    The 67, 222, and 61 I understand, I guess, but it’s the 203 that I’m stuck on… I think you could have given a more concrete description of the number. The rest of them, age, IQ, and years for your investment portfolio, are set, for awhile at least, but if remind us about your calendar, you’re going to need to get a new IP address.

    Also, like Yasamin said, thank got for youtube.

  3. jbuck

    As an avid follower of Billboard, I was thrilled to learn that the Shirelles were the first American girl group to have a #1 Hot 100 song; although, “Dedicated to the One I Love” only peaked at #3 (Compliments of our friends at Wikipedia). I feel much more cultured as a result of my previous ignorance and hope the information saves me from falling through the thin ice upon which I’m treading. Back to the game & “studying.”

  4. yasamin

    wow, I hope JBuck is not one of your students… he should take it easy before his grade suffers! I was wondering about the Shirelles…thank God for youtube!

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