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  1. msamanduh

    im pretty sure that im the one who has the bob barker tattoo. and honestly. i dont really appreciate you thinking that the reason why i got that tattoo was because of the amount of alcohol i was ingesting. it was actually something i got in memory of my grandparents, who were my legal guardians. they loved the show. they went on the price is right 26 times. i wanted to go with them the day i turned 18. but they both passed away within six months of each other.. my grandmother passing last only a few months before my 18th birthday.
    they would record the show for me when i was at school or work. yes work, i worked full-time when i was sixteen because i graduated early. i was supposed to be in the 11th grade. but nope. i did what i had to do and got shit done. im not a drinker. and i dont like being said to be one. i have goals in my life. and the dont include getting drunk and getting some meaningless tattoo.

    so, thank you for assuming.
    and yes, im a girl.

  2. brendanc

    Bob Barker is the man. Who wouldn’t want to have the master of all prices on your bi? Danza and Pee-Wee on the other hand, it’s not a question of alchohol… i think we’d be talking about shrooms at this point.

  3. Daniel K

    I don’t think there is any amount of alcohol or money that would make me get a tattoo of any of those celebrities anywhere on my body but the slideshow is definitely entertaining. The Will Ferrell tattoo is hilarious and the Jack Nicholson one is pretty tight too. The rest seem like they could have for sure been the result of too much drinking, especially the one of Pee-Wee Herman on the phone.

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