“two idiots with a video camera”

The food-prep gross-out video that two Domino’s employees–make that two former Domino’s employees–posted this week on YouTube provides much at which to marvel.

  • How could these employees not realize Domino would learn about the video?  It’s hard to fathom anyone not getting that, um, hundreds of millions of people use the Internet and these are not wet-behind-the-ears 14 year-olds posting nude pictures on MySpace.  These are adults, chronologically speaking.
  • How could these employees not realize Domino would be appalled by the video, and wouldn’t accept “but we didn’t really deliver the food” as a good excuse for making?
  • It’s no longer your father’s world when companies must closely monitor Twitter to sniff out nascent scandals and rumors, and then respond to them immediately so the non-response does not fuel the story.  “It’s been 5 minutes since the story broke and Domino’s hasn’t put out a press release! WTF!?” (Yes, I know that the first sentence in my Twitter hypothetical does not follow Twitter style conventions.)
  • Isn’t “idiots with video cameras” a great name for a website?

2 thoughts on ““two idiots with a video camera””

  1. Maybe it’s just me but I think this is a funny situation that is being blown way out of proportion. I mean seriously, look at their mugshots in the NY Times, you’d think they committed murder and ran a drug cartel or something.

  2. hahahaha ditto what chenga said. especially kristy hammonds, the female employee. she looks like she could be one of those “i choked my baby because the voices in my head told me to” types of people

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