Vista Resista

One year after Microsoft released Vista, its newest operating system, I am like most Windows users. I continue to use Windows XP, and continue to resist the alleged upgrade to Vista. This story explains why resistance is a good move. It explains the woes of Jon, Steven, and Mike who upgraded or purchased what were labeled as Windows Vista Capable hardware only to encounter typical Vista woes: failure to provide drivers for printers, scanners and other peripherals, the need for brand-new graphics chips to operate at full capability, slow boot-up, inability to run XP-enabled software. The punch line is that Jon, Steven, and Mike are all Microsoft executives. Mike is the VP for Windows product management, Jon is a Microsoft board member, and Steven is a senior VP responsible for Windows.


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  1. MJKenyon

    There are options outside of Windows, and that is why you see so many people shifting from PCs running on Microsoft operating systems to Macs. Now that OS X is becoming a legitimate competitor, especially in the home market, I would think you’re not going to see as many problems with the next version of Windows because Microsoft can’t afford to lose consumer confidence and market share anymore. There was recently a whole series of articles about Steve Jobs and Apple in Fortune, I think Apple was voted the most respected company in the US (although I believe Microsoft was also somewhere lower on the list). Their ability to provide quality, based in part on the fact that they design both the hardware and the software for their computers and therefore are able to coordinate the two better, has enabled them to achieve unparalleled success in the last few years. Not to sound like a walking advertisement for Apple, I’m just saying that Microsoft should be careful in their next OS move after the Vista disaster.

  2. Jimson

    Consumers are guinea pigs in that Microsoft can test out their new products on the unwilling public. Microsoft was supposed to release a service pack to fix the errors on Vista within the past month which they have yet to do. Sure there are upgrades and those who wish to keep XP fully have that option but for those who have have to purchase a new computer, there is primarily only an option of having Vista. I recently bought a desktop and considered downgrading to XP until I was informed that it would cost me more than a 1/3 of the total cost of my computer to do so. Until Microsoft fixes the majority of the problems with Vista, they should offer the option to consumers of purchasing PC’s with XP. The woes that Microsoft executives face are representative of the problems that many consumers face with a faulty Vista operating system. Alas, one can only hope that the Vista troubles are fixed quickly and efficiently.

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