Why I Like Google+ More than Facebook

A brief story about a recent interview with Vic Gundotra, Google’s Senior Vice President of Social Business, reported that Google is “continuing to work on how Google+ shares information to the world. Google’s social lead seems to be less inclined [than Facebook] to create tools that automatically push data public than Facebook does. ‘There’s a reason every thought in your head does not come out of your mouth,’ Gundotra said, adding that there’s a value in curation.” (Emphasis added)

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  1. Marilyn

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  2. Morgan Schapiro

    This brings up interesting privacy issues. How much information is too much? How much information should the world know about you? The problem is that there are various forces pulling in different directions. On one side you have what the military calls “Operational Security or OpSec” on the other side you have the fact that employers want to check you out on social networking. They want to see you as a person and try and draw a mental picture of you per-interview. Do you take the risk and share everything, or do you do the safer and more responsible thing and keep information private? I, personally, have chosen for the former. It makes more sense for me to try and get a better job and create an online persona then to be secluded. Do I understand the danger? Yes, I screen my credit and bank statements to watch for identify theft and am careful as to what I put onto my blogs.  There of course is also what the military fears in its OpSec briefings, which is a dislike of your internet persona turning into a personal attack or robbery by a stranger. Am I aware and prepared for this to? Of course, but if I posted how, wouldn’t that defeat the point?

  3. David Bren

    Google+ was designed to be a facebook killer. While the number of users may still be staggering between the two (800 million vs. 40 million), google+ has lasted longer against facebook than any other social networking site. All of these sites have a shelf life, and people begin to get bored of them after a while. Everyone is always looking for the next fun thing on the internet. Google+ has the advantage that it is made by a corporation that has its hands deep into every other aspect of our daily lives (e-mail, internet, advertisement, calendar, phones, etc,.). The ability for them to incorporate social networking into quite literally everything a person does on a daily basis is greater than that of facebook. While facebook is already deeply incorporated, there doesn’t seem to be much more room for expansion. Since google is a company that is constantly buying up other massive companies and integrating them, it seems that the platform of google+ will never cease to grow. It will just constantly get more and more integrated into our lives. 

  4. Raven Lok

    The idea for Google+ is great but since the majority of a person’s friends and family uses Facebook, it is hard for people to change. Recently after Facebook changed its setting (once again), there has been a lot of frustration especially with the privacy setting or photos, videos, and comments. Facebook does give some instructions as to how these new setting work but Facebook users do not have the time or patience to deal with all of them since the “main concept” of Facebook to just to connect. If Google+ continues to develop more user friendly settings, I believe people will slowly transition into using Google+ especially when the concept of connecting and reconnecting is already out there. 

  5. Peter Rhim

    The idea of Google+ is superb and I think it had a lot of potential when it came out. However, the amount of social use is not enough to make it better than Facebook. While a lot of people have signed up for Google+, not many are actually updating and putting their profiles into use. Facebook is still the trend and will likely continue to be until they make it more inconvenient and hectic for users, like how MySpace collapsed. The only strength that I see from Google+ is the option to hang out, which has intriguing possiblities if more people used it.

  6. Meng Xin Lai

    I think Kunaparaju’s comment has a point, yet, I still think Google+ has far more potential than FB. One of the main reason why everyone loves FB, is that it links people together, and many lost friendships have been rekindled via the service. But that strength is also FB’s greatest weakness. We hear all the time that careers went downhill after posts that were meant to seen by friends were seen by bosses. Yet after all, we all have those “crazy college party photos”. So, how can that be prevented from being seen by bosses? With Google+’s Circle, users can maintain their online identity distinct from that of those in front of other groups of people, therefore the pics you want to be only seen by friends, stay amongst that “circle”.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I think of Facebook as social media for teens and early twenties, Google+ as social media for adults. People flocked to Facebook because it seemed the default choice. Now there’s an alternative.


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  7. kunaparaju Abhishek

    Thought Google+ offers better privacy, group video chat and other new features, it seems to be struggling more than expected to compete with Facebook. Very few people are actually moving from Facebook to Google+, at least in the student community. It would be interesting to see what new strategies Google would implement to increase its market share. Social networking apparently is not new to the company. Hope people remember the social networking site “orkut” by Google a couple of years ago. 

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