2 Replies to “Wikileaks is Back”

  1. Alizay Saeed

    In one of the previous posts it was mentioned that as one site shuts down, a 100 more like that pop up. It’s just a matter of time; wikileaks may shut down now but very soon a couple more websites like that will open.

  2. Lauren Dunlop

    I’m shocked to hear that the judge chose to deny BJB’s request for a preliminary injunction and dissolve the permanent injunction against Dynadot. In one of the linked updates it mentions that 10 attorneys have been fighting to get wikileaks back vs. the two fighting for the Swiss bank. It seems as if those attorneys are just proving their point much more effectively. The judge is trying to see where Wikileaks is going in the future. To me it seems risky because Wikileaks could easily get out of hand and cause some serious issues for more companies.

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