Woe is the Sox

This afternoon I heard the beginning of Sox manager Terry Francona’s call-in on WEEI’s Dale and Holly show. “Tito” they began, “it’s very difficult to get people in Boston to agree on anything, so I want to congratulate you: everyone agrees you are the reason the Red Sox are down 3 games to 1 with Cleveland in the ALCS.” Francona laughed genuinely and said “Thanks. Thanks for sharing that with me.” You have to give Francona credit for that much. If the Sox lose on Thursday night–and Cleveland has completely outplayed them since game one last Friday–the Fellowship of the Miserable (Rick Patino’s greatest and most lasting contribution to Boston sports history) will be at full froth until Opening Day in 2008.

One thought on “Woe is the Sox”

  1. I thought that like the Yankees the Redsox were on the same path, out of the playoffs. Unfortunately I was wrong Boston for the past couple of years has had the most luck of any baseball team. From the bad call on Kenny Lofton sliding into second base. You also have the blown call by the third base coach to hold Lofton which was the current tying run. I don’t know how they do it, and it is really heart breaking when you watch.
    They better have their “A” game when they play Colorado cause they won’t let this once and a life time opportunity slip them by. I hope.

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